Mentorship & Supervision Programs | Marty Glass - Licensed Professional Counselor

Mentorship/Supervision for Professional Counselors

With 17 years in the business and accounting “world” and over 30 years managing and maintaining my own diversified counseling,mediation, and life/business coaching practice, I have a unique set of skills and experience base from which to support and give back to those striving to become successful or increase their effectiveness in our rewarding profession. I can also help with planning an exit/retirement strategy as our years of serving near their end.

As a Licensed Supervisor, I also travel the 3000 hours of supervision road to licensure for new Professional Counselors.

My consulting services extend to the following areas:

Starting a New Practice

  • Sole Proprietorship / Incorporate?
  • Get with a group or practice alone?
  • Supplementing your income in start up
  • Initial Expense
  • Should I lease space?
  • Getting the word out
  • A Plan

Managing Your Practice

  • Billing
  • Fee Structure
  • Accounting
  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • Income Taxes
  • Insurance Panels?
  • Expense Management

Preparing for Retirement

  • Where and how to get help with financial planning
  • Planning for the day
  • Creating value
  • What do I have to sell
  • Options I can utilize

Dealing with Challenging Therapeutic Issues

  • New strategies for "stuck" patients
  • Approaches with angry patients
  • Moving "War of the Roses" couples toward love and respect
  • Tough parents and tougher kids
  • How to combat "Analysis Paralysis"
  • Motivating victims
  • Consultation - the value of a fresh set of eyes!